Lorena Torres Loaiza Imaginary Campfires

Imaginary Campfires

Imaginary Campfires is a brand new project still in its early development. It is a collection of filmed storytelling performances of Lorena’s short stories, partly inspired by Latin American Cuenteria and Japanese Rakugo. Each story features a unique performer, and a unique formatting experiment (could be 360 video, green screen, or other altering techniques).

The first two campfires were made for the Theatre Centre’s Hybrid by Design festival, in May 2022. They are:

The Shining Lake – Performed by Monica Garrido (original performance at the Feminist Fuck It Theatre festival). A woman tells us a fairy tale version of her immigrant experience, and the way her idea of “home” changes over time.

The Likewise Madam Mirror – Performed by Polly Phokeev. Two clients visit a fortune teller, and although she may be unable to see the future, she may be able to see into their minds. She may be a part of them. She might not even be real on her own.

Lorena is currently learning more about video art, thanks to the SLaM mentorship program. More campfires are planned for the future. Stay tuned.