Lorena Torres Loaiza Imaginary Campfires

Imaginary Campfires

Imaginary Campfires is a project still in development. It is a collection of filmed storytelling performances of Lorena’s short stories, partly inspired by Latin American Cuenteria and Japanese Rakugo. Each story features a unique performer, and a unique formatting experiment.

The first two campfires were made for the Theatre Centre’s Hybrid by Design festival, in May 2022. They are:

The Shining Lake – Performed by Monica Garrido (original performance at the Feminist Fuck It Theatre festival). A woman tells us a fairy tale version of her immigrant experience, and the way her idea of “home” changes over time.

The Likewise Madam Mirror – Performed by Polly Phokeev. Two clients visit a fortune teller, and although she may be unable to see the future, she may be able to see into their minds. She may be a part of them. She might not even be real on her own.

More campfires may appear in the future.