Currently open for some illustration work, feel free to email.

So Much to Do. Comic strip for The Grind local newspaper.

Literary Cowboy. Commissioned illustration.

Pandora in the Box. Large scale art installation comic, Created at the Theatre Centre Residency, Toronto. With support from The Theatre Centre, CAMINOS 2021 theatre festival, the Canada Council for the Arts, and the Ontario Arts Council. Lights by Rebecca Vandevelde, acting by Beatriz Pizano, soundscapes by Tim Lindsay.

Sandwich Joy. Illustrated recipe print. Personal Project.

De La Isla. Graphic novel sample page. Complete comic self-published on Webtoon.

Email. Personal project.

Played Yourself. Comic page for POMEgranate Magazine.

Treasure. Personal project.

Best. Personal project.

Glow. Personal project.

The Shining Lake. 360 video and illustration installation, commissioned for the Hybrid by Design festival at the Theatre Centre.

Hurry. Personal project.

Beans Wizard. Personal project.

Trees. Commissioned for the Toronto Comic Arts Festival. 360 image version here, fullscreen recommended.